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Canon released 4K cinema zoom lens CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom

October 22, 2014, Canon released a new member of its CINEMA lens product line, a CINE-SERVO (hereinafter referred to as the movie servo lenses) Lens a new CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom its EF mount lens model for CN20 X 50 IAS H / E1, and PL mount lens model CN20 X 50 IAS H […]

Samsung’s new technology makes the WiFi speed 5 times: 575 MB of data per second

On October 13, 2014 morning news, samsung announced, is developing a 60 GHZ WiFi technology, so as to realize the theory of transmission rate is consistent with the actual rate. About WiFi technology, due to the wall and the interference of other appliances, the current rate and the actual rate is always a gap between […]

Olympus will upcome E – PL7 soon

Olympus launched last may E – PL6, one year later, PR reported Olympus will soon release E – E – PL7 PL series is the seventh generation of products. The new product will launch with OM – D E – the same 16000000 megapixel CMOS sensor M10, 81, to focus remains shoot 8 FPS, screen […]

Intel’s $740000000 acquisition of 18% stake in Cloudera

Large data software provider Cloudera said Monday, Intel announced last week to invest, specific provisions for $740000000 to buy 18% shares of Cloudera. The valuation of the investment on Cloudera for about $4100000000, the company is expected to be launched later this year. Cloudera announced, has completed a $900000000 round of financing,including Intel invested $740000000, and the earlier announced in March that T Rowe Price and Google venture capital investment of $160000000. Intel last Thursday said, have been carried out on the Cloudera a “large amount” of investment. With competitors like HortonWorks and Pivotal,Cloudera focused on helping the enterprise […]

Don’t believe in Google glasses upgrade function of music

Beijing time on November 18 noon news, Google has just launched a series of music on Google glasses of upgrading, in order to attract music lovers. It is the company nearly four years fifth launch a music service. Google made a video for this upgrade, hire a record producer and engineer, Young Guru (Young the […]

November new Canon SLR posters exposure will release white version

Distance 2013 over a period of time, relative to the various new flowers these days, Canon side really look bleak. But Canon south Korean website released soon from the white world began to “Canon” for subject product forecast posters. Posters in the camera is wrapped a layer of white gauze, can’t see anything, but as […]

HS SYSTEM Overview

HS SYSTEM Overview “HS SYSTEM” = ” High -sensitivity image sensor ” + “DIGIC image processor .” “HS SYSTEM” will suppress noise high sensitivity resulting ” high -sensitivity image sensor * ” with Canon’s advanced image processor “DIGIC” combined , resulting in high sensitivity can shoot pretty low noise photos of the existing digital cameras […]

Apple acknowledged few 5s battery life issues exist, you can get a new machine

Small part of the iPhone 5s user just bought a new machine soon discovered that the battery life is not Apple said at the event so much . Wei Feng network news, Apple today through the ” Wall Street Journal ” published statement , confirmed the existence of production problems do affect a small part […]

Nexus 5 Battery capacity 2300mAh parts Spy Shots

October 26 news, earlier this month there was news that, Nexus 5 may have two different battery configurations: 16GB version is 2300mAh, while the 32GB version is 3000mAh. However, the latest rumor has refuted this claim, saying the Nexus 5 is only one battery capacity. One from Italy reported that, Nexus 5 is only one […]

Sony released Wearable Camcorder HDR-AS30V

Mounted on the bike over the mountains , stick on a skateboard rolling vacated …… Sony “cool shoot” camera with its unique perspective , the market has been attracting many advocating Coldplay, cool shot video enthusiasts . September 21, 2013 , Sony ( China ) Co., Ltd. launched a new generation of “cool shot ” […]

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